Designing professional Website

In the current 4.0 era, doing business is no longer limited to factories and shops but is gradually turning to the Internet. Online businesses are increasingly developing, a number of businesses want to open “online stores” to expand their ability to reach customers as well as boost sales by exploiting the number of customers from provinces, countries and even other continents. Websites for selling, introducing products were born as a tool to help businesses do this.

Brand Identity Design Service

Less Create is a professional brand identity design company that will help you accomplish those goals. With experience working with many big brands at home and abroad, a team of experienced designers have successfully implemented a series of projects in many different fields. We are confident to bring to your business a new "breath", different and more class.

Designing mobile application interface

In Vietnam, according to 2018 statistics, there are 72% of smartphone users to access the Internet. In particular, each month the user installs up to 5 mobile applications to explore. This ratio shows that the demand for mobile applications is increasing and will likely be much higher in the future.