Brand Identity Design Service

Do you know Pepsi expended around 1 millions USD for its new logo?

Each brand desires to be different from the others, hoping that when customers see a certain image or color, they will immediately think of the brand. The brand identity set was born with a mission to help businesses make a mark in the minds of customers. The professionally designed brand identity not only helps businesses build a unique image with specific personality, positioning themselves on the cramped market with many competitors in the same segment but it is a tool involved in the process of marketing, PR, advertising … helps customers feel and understand the values ​​that businesses bring.

Less Create is a professional brand identity design company that will help you accomplish those goals. With experience working with many big brands at home and abroad, a team of experienced designers have successfully implemented a series of projects in many different fields. We are confident to bring to your business a new “breath”, different and more class.

What make us different?

– Consulting in-deeply core values, writing interesting stories for the brand
– Designing a uniform brand identity, making a difference to competitors, showing the unique personality of the business
– A design team of professional, experienced and always filled with creative ideas.
– Standard and professional design process, ensuring meeting the requirements of strict customers
– Unlimitedly editing support
– Reasonable cost, competitive price, attentive customer service