Designing mobile application interface

In Vietnam, according to 2018 statistics, there are 72% of smartphone users to access the Internet. In particular, each month the user installs up to 5 mobile applications to explore. This ratio shows that the demand for mobile applications is increasing and will likely be much higher in the future.

Catching this trend, many businesses are actively investing in developing mobile applications to better serve their customers. With the mobile app, businesses can quickly update information to existing customers and potential customers on promotional news, new products, shopping vouchers or points, … helping businesses get closer and faster to customers. In addition, modern mobile applications allow businesses to manage, group customers, and record transaction history easily.

At Less Create, we bring to you:

– Designing beautiful and scientific software interface, mobile applications.
– Optimize the user experience on the application
– Using the latest design technology, optimizing the interface compatible with all mobile devices, high speed access
– Diverse programming languages: Objective-C, Swift, Android Java, Html, CSS, JavaScript, .Net …
– Professional, fast and flexible design process, lifetime warranty
– Maximum cost savings